Jessica Drossilus

Jessica & Miss Kia, her dance teacher.

“She never took first steps, she took dance steps.This dream child has such a strong, yes, even headstrong personality; she became the ruling princess of our castle.Music could always tame this wild princess into a dancing fairy princess, her eyes would light up and the music would take her soul on its own musical journey.” ~ Susan Drossulis, Jessica’s mother

“To slowly watch this once over-energized child turn into a tired, listless soul, unable to rise up to the music that had always been able to make her soar tore at my very being.But deep within those incredible blue eyes, the spark remained that only the music could once again fan into the bright fires of her reams…Her very essence depends on being allowed to unleash her soul to rise with the strains of the music, because in the strains of the music she is able to find the courage to face another day, to have the will to continue the fight.How this journey will end, I’m not really sure. I just know that once again I am slowly seeing the energy drain from this child.” ~ Susan

“As the years pass, the journey begins to climb up a steep mountain that never seems to

Chris Klug (Olympic snowboarder and liver recipient) with Jessica
Chris Klug (Olympic snowboarder and liver recipient) with Jessica

end…some days the road is steeper than others…at other times the road will level off very briefly, or even allow us to gently glide down hill for a very brief period of time. We just know that at the end of this journey there will be the castle and fairy tale ending that we have been hoping for…that there will someday be an end for this difficult journey that our princess has embarked upon. Every day we continue to hope and pray that there will come a valiant soul, strong enough to slay this horrible dragon of disease and our beautiful princess will be released from its horrible grip.” ~ Susan

The transplant journey for Jessica Drossulis began two weeks before her 11th birthday.Slowly the energy level of this once active child disappeared. Her skin yellowed as her body began to destroy itself, first with her red blood cells, then her liver.Just before her 12th birthday, she was told that she would need a liver transplant.Many years of waiting, multiple hospitalizations, infections, surgeries, and massive amounts of medication

Jessica's new best friend.
Jessica’s new best friend.

were required to keep her alive. On July 29, 2007 her miracle happened.Afamily, in the depths of despair, made the decision to share a part of their daughter with Susan’s daughter. Jessica now attends a local college, pursuing a degree in medicine. She wants to make a difference.She wants to honor her donor every day.


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