Haley Adamski

An intimate request. A small community answers.

Tom Hobday - Pam Hobday - Hayley Adamski
Tom Hobday – Pam Hobday – Hayley Adamski

The first letter went out in July 2011. “Fellow Rotarians, As you may know, club member Tom Hobday has had a long standing kidney disorder resulting from an illness contracted when he served as a forward observer in Vietnam in 1966. In 1995, Tom received a kidney transplant from his wife Pam, and has been able to live a full and active life since then.  He has already beaten the odds on survival with a transplant, but now faces the prospect of needing another kidney from a healthy Blood Type O Donor. The transplant team at UC Davis is clearing Tom for his second transplant surgery and due to Tom’s age, a donated kidney will be needed from a living donor… The opportunity to become a living donor is truly an expression of service above self….” Signed by J. Simon, P. Hobday, T. Hobday

”  ~Pam Hobday

Pam spread the word everywhere she went – including her own backyard in Truckee.  10 people had been tested. Pam met with all potential donors.

~Jenell Schwab, Sierra Sun

Haley Adamski
Haley Adamski

A second letter went out in August 2011.  When a third letter was sent in September 2011, it reached Hayley Adamski.  “As soon as I read the email, I thought, ‘Could I be a donor?’”  She and Pam met for coffee. The two women discovered they shared uncanny similarities, which would later lead the surgeons at UC Davis to suggest the two be tested to determine if they are blood relatives.” ~Jenell Schwab, Sierra Sun

After Hayley and I had coffee, I walked out to the car and called Tom and told him, “I think we found your match.” ~Pam Hobday

“Haven’t we all needed something from everyone else?  I’ve always been passionate and philanthropic. Anything I can do, anyway I can help, I’ve tried to do. I would hope that if I needed something, whether it’s a kidney or a cup of coffee, someone would step forward.

~Hayley Adamski









Hayley Adamski


On February 28, Hayley Adamski and Tom Hobday went into surgery. After a short stay, both were out of the hospital and recuperating at the Hobday family home on Donner Lake. Today, the love that drove Pam to find a donor for her husband has now expanded to include Adamski as a member of the family.

~Jenell Schwab, Sierra Sun

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