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Tracy Copeland, President

tracy“I have truly been blessed with wonderful experiences and incredible personal recognition; however, the true heroes remain my donor family. I hope to honor them and the memory of my donor, Terry Snow, in every aspect of my life.”

Since receiving her Liver Transplant in March of 1998, it has become Tracy’s mission and strongest desire to share her experience and accomplishments as a transplant recipient.  She seeks out opportunities to show how successful organ transplantation can be, telling her story of success all the while raising awareness for the growing need for Donation and Research.  Side by side with her Donor’s Mother, Kathy, they collectively share their experience, encouraging families and loved ones to discuss organ donation. Tracy has been overwhelmed by the support of the transplant community and the common desire they share to promote the need and success of organ and tissue donation.

“I feel truly blessed to be part of this completely volunteer organization
which has become Sierra Nevada Donor Awareness.” Tracy Copeland

Judy Price, Vice President

judyLike many Americans, Judy has always had the PINK DOT on her drivers license. “I never really gave it a second thought about what it truly meant, until my introduction to the tremendous need for organ and tissue donors in 1998. It was then that my little sister Tracy’s liver failed.”

“Since that day, I have dedicated countless time and effort to raising awareness for the need and successful research of organ and tissue donation, not just for my sisters sake, but for the all too many that don’t have a champion in their corner, we all must do more!”.

Judy is married raising two beautiful daughters, and two stepsons. She is the DMV Ambassador assigned to the Truckee and South Lake Tahoe DMV’s for Sierra Donor Services, and views her service as a privilege and an honor to work with an amazing group of heroes.

Anne Norris, SNDA Board Member

kirstenanneIn April 1996, Annie and Rich Norris lost their only child, Kristen, to anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction. One of the things they were proudest of was that, no matter how crazy their schedules, they would sit down to dinner together nearly every night. Candles were lit, dinner music was chosen and they would talk through the day. One evening, after Kristen accompanied Annie as she gave blood, the conversation turned to organ donation. Kristen said, “After I’m gone, they can have whatever they need. I won’t need it anymore.” Her parents never thought they’d have to honor her wishes.

Kristen saved the lives of three people. Peter, in his early 50’s had been married for 30 years with two grown children when he received her liver. Peter is now playing with his first grandchild. Elise, a gospel singer in her early 30’s, received her left kidney and pancreas, completely correcting her diabetes. Elise is now happily married and contemplating a return to college. Alfredo was 8 years old, critically ill with renal hypo dysplasia, when Kristen’s gift of a right kidney came at the eleventh hour saving his life. Alfredo is one half of a set of twins. Both boys were able to grow up together.

Annie has spoken and written on behalf of organ, eye, and tissue donation since 1997. It is her belief that it is the miraculous stories, not statistics (dire though they are) that allow people to consider donation.

Lauren Martelle, SNDA Volunteer

LaurenLauren’s life was saved by receiving a liver transplant in 2007 when she was 19 years old. After returning home, she got involved in Sierra Nevada Donor Awareness as a way to honor her donor and meet other recipients in the community. Through this organization, she has formed bonds and friendships with recipients, living donors, and donor families while supporting the cause to raise awareness for organ, eye, and tissue donation. She has never met her own donor family, but is honored to be able to meet and recognize other donor families.

Amy Copeland, SNDA Volunteer

amySeeing the great need and efforts my Aunt Tracy (a transplant recipient) and others were making, got me interested in being a volunteer in the Sierra Nevada Donate Life organization.

I am a senior at UNR and love being a new member to this Donate life team!

Tammy Nichols, SNDA Volunteer

tammyWithin days after my liver transplant on October 26, 2011 I realize just how very blessed I am to have received this precious gift,a liver. With the tremendous need of organs and the amount available the odds and chances of me receiving a Liver very uncertain.

I remember thinking to myself I want to do something to improve those chances for others in need of life-saving organ.

I want to inspire others to become organ and tissue donors. Ease those with concerns about donation. Show others that there is hope and success in donation and encourage others to make a difference. Take every opportunity that I can for a very worthwhile cause.

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